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At Rabota Source, you’re working with a full-cycle product development service provider who works with you through every stage, from concept to completion. Product implementation, support, maintenance — these services and more are available when you choose our team of reliable experts. We provide accelerated product development as well as cross-platform compatible software.

Accelerated product development is available to:

  • Independent software vendors (ISVs)
  • Software-as-a-service providers (SaaS)
  • Hardware vendors

Cross-platform compatible software offers a range of benefits for different applications, including:

  • Mobile applications: Create the powerful mobile apps you need. Apps sync and subsequently exchange data across multiple platforms.
  • Supply chain management: Enjoy one management tool following the integration of each step in your supply chain.
  • Media management: Manage all components of media effectively, including ingestion, encoding, editing, distribution, and procurement.
  • Industrial automation: Automate anything and everything, including assembly line production and order fulfillment.
  • In-store experiences: Use informative, appealing software that creates optimal customer engagement.
  • Big data analytics: Learn how to utilize advanced data mining techniques to make on-point predictive analyses.

Agile Development Process

We implement the Agile development process, which frequently includes the following:

  • Performing work in small increments or “sprints” that last one to two weeks.
  • Hosting daily “stand-up” meetings, or standing 15-minute meetings where team members working on the sprint meet with the product owners to review the previous day’s assigned task and discuss the current day’s tasks. Such meetings include design changes if desired.
  • Integrating code and releasing “test runs” on a daily basis if possible.
  • Enabling communication between team members and product owners through Chat or Voice during the work day.

Quality Software That’s Easy to Use

Whatever your target demographic, you require a user-friendly interface that’s easy to learn and utilize. Consumers are much more likely to favor an “easy” product over one that requires extensive learning/training, and they increasingly desire highly functional, intuitive options. Creating UI and UX-friendly interfaces is one of our many specialties, and our cross-functional product development teams take a comprehensive approach to each project. We’re extremely detail-oriented about each step while keeping the final vision in mind at all times, and we provide you with many opportunities to review the project as it progresses.

Cost-Effective, Efficient Services

Work with us and get all the features you want included in your software for a reasonable price. We provide the cost-effective options you need, and always get them to you within a reasonable timeframe. Our team of software development experts creates a ‘trial run’ of your product that makes ample room for the features you need, allowing you to put it on the market sooner rather than later. Once you have what you desire, or are earning enough to create another version, we’ll be here to develop your second release.

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Our finely tuned processes relies on meticulous technology and business assessment to produce the reliable products you want. Contact us today to talk about your software programming requirements.

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