Software Development Company Utah

Software Development Company Utah

We’re beyond proud to work with an incredible team of software developers, offering all development skills at all levels of experience. Our projects run the gamut from web development to kernel drivers, with experience levels ranging from junior to senior architects. Many of these college-educated professionals have doctorate degrees as well.

Software Development Skill Levels

Our educated, highly professional software development team includes the following rock stars:

  • Software developers (Junior, Middle, Senior, team leads)
  • Software Architects
  • Database administrators (Junior, Middle, Senior)
  • IT specialists (Junior, Middle, Senior)
  • QA specialists (Junior, Middle, Senior)
  • QA leads (Senior level)
  • Business analysts
  • Project managers

Typical experience levels are:

  • Junior – 1-3 years experience
  • Middle – 3-5 years experience
  • Senior – 5+ years experience
  • Architects and Leads – 8+

Areas of Expertise

Areas of expertise in which our professionals specialize include:

Mobile Development

The Rabota Source team offers considerable expertise in terms of mobile programming and development. Our roster of experts includes those well versed in UI design, as well as skilled analysts and software engineering. We offer solutions for iOS, Windows Phone, and Android, including custom apps, games, business software, custom cloud, all types of entertainment apps, and so much more. Native app development services are available, as are cross-platform framework options.

SaaS/Web Development

Our advanced web development services include .NET – MVC, WebForms, Java, PhP, JavaScript, HTML, MEAN stack, and more. For example, .NET development services provide you with progressive development frameworks, such as those for websites, web portals, and desktop and web applications among other solutions.

Kernel and Driver Development

We develop drivers for Windows and the Linux file system, as well as HID drivers, network drivers, and more. Clients frequently utilize our team’s many skills to apply kernel and driver technologies to advanced tasks such as device management, system behavior changes, file system management, virtualization, system monitoring, backup and restore projects, and more.

Kernel and driver development projects are often complicated due to the system communication and architectural variations involved, however our extensive team of experts use proven techniques to provide the viable solutions clients want and need.

Additional Areas of Expertise

Additional areas of web development we focus on include:

  • Database Development and Administration (MS SQL, Oracle, MySQL, etc).
  • Distributed Enterprise Solutions (CRM, high load data processing systems)
  • C/C++/C#/Obj-C Programming (advanced programming technologies focusing on performance and stability)
  • Reverse Engineering (source code and protocol restoration)
  • Open Stack Solutions (deploy projects for private and hybrid clouds)
  • Specialized Quality Assurance (mobile testing, automation testing, driver testing)
  • Media Distribution Solutions (video and audio streaming, media protocols implementation and support)

We’re Here To Help

Tell us what areas of software development you require assistance with and we’ll be happy to devise a customized plan that meets your needs and puts you on the path to even greater success. Our brains are always churning regarding how to increase clients’ brand awareness and otherwise put their businesses in the minds of consumers. Talk to us about our software development services today!

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