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can you buy amoxicillin at walgreens Android is the most popular mobile device option in the known universe, so offering Android-based apps to consumers is definitely a great business move. The Android development team members at Rabota Source are users themselves and know all the proverbial ins and outs for creating high-quality, streamlined apps that provide clients with exactly what they want.

What You Can Expect

Working with our Android app development team includes the following benefits:

  • Apps based on the stable, feature-heavy Linex kernel that eradicate all potential problems, including slow performance issues
  • Open source software development that doesn’t include complicated development toolkits and frameworks
  • Worldwide smartphone manufacturer acceptance

Our Expertise

Our Android team’s areas of expertise include:

  • Near Field Communication: We provide NFC-enabled apps that offer outstanding business management, including staff and security, facility, and asset management. Our team also builds applications that provide fast, secure payment transactions at retail establishments.
  • Beacons: Beacon leveraging makes it possible to take full advantage of location-based targeting. Our Beacon-enabled apps significantly increase customer engagement via location-specific information, in-store retail payments, and more.
  • Geolocation: We develop highly customized location-based apps that make it possible to pinpoint related information on a map and subsequently improve fleet tracking, asset management, geofencing, and more.
  • Streaming: Our Android-based streaming solutions make it easy to engage with clients in assorted environments and enjoy greater workplace flexibility. We’ll address your specific needs and significantly improve security in the process.
  • Augmented Reality: Our team helps you perform real-time data visualization through AR that assists the needs of both customers and staff.

Fantastic Apps for Every Business

We’ve built amazing apps for a wide variety of businesses, and provide options for every app category imaginable. Our Android team has successfully created hundreds of apps that provide the services and flexibility clients desire, and guarantee the highest quality, every time.

Hire dedicated engineers and give yourself the gift of Android app development. Increase revenue and ROI, improve brand awareness, and much more. Contact us today to learn what we can do for you.

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