Long-term Partnership for Advanced Business Solution Development – Proactivity Is the Key

This client is a big software vendor producing sophisticated enterprise solutions. The company consists of several geographically distributed departments all over the world developing and supporting a number of business software solutions.

This company has worked with Rabota Source for almost 6 years.

Initial Project

One of the company’s department came up with an idea of a business-oriented product providing advanced migration of user profiles across domains. The team received a limited budget for this project.

In-house development would require considerable effort, as the team did not possess the required technology experience. Moreover, internal development rates would not fit the budget. It was decided to find an experienced outsourcing provider. Rabota Source was recommended to the company by one of its partners because of the proven skill set and scheduled delivery success.

Contract and Scope

Limited budget prompted a fixed price contract. Nevertheless, the project scope was big and estimates estimated five developers and two QA specialists working for ten months.

Rabota Source experience dictates that an optimal size of a fixed project contract should not exceed 2-3 man-months. Longer projects contain higher risks that are hard to manage. But in this case, the client insisted on the a fixed price project contract for the entire scope.

They finally agreed to start the project with the fixed contract according to the initial estimates. To mitigate the missed deadline risk, the joint project team agreed to break the project into five iterations and review the scope at each one of them.

Cutting the Scope and Meeting Deadlines

The team started to work, interacting with the supervising development manager, business analyst, and technical writer on the client’s side. A part-time Rabota Source project manager was in charge of this project on our side.

The first iteration met the planned schedule and budget, but at the second iteration retrospective meetings where held, the Rabota Source team reported possible schedule and budget risks – the developed code base needed additional stabilization. Newly developed features impacted each other and put the quality at risk.

The joint project board decided to cut the project scope to meet the deadlines and initial budget.

At the forth iteration, the situation repeated but it was critical for the client team not to cut the project scope any more. As the budget was limited, additional funding of the project was impossible.

At this stage, Rabota Source management decided to take this risk to save the project – the team was augmented by additional resources to meet the deadlines at no additional charge for the client. The fixed price contract terms were met.

The product’s alpha-version was delivered on time and presented to the client’s management board. As the project included all minimally required functions and demonstrated high quality and stability, the board gave the green light for the further development.

Initial Project Results

To bring the product to the market, the client continued working with Rabota Source, forming a team of two developers to work for six months. As usual for a full development teams, Rabota Source provided a QA specialist working 80 hours per month with no additional cost for the client to make sure that delivered code had acceptable quality levels. QA specialists at the client’s side performed comprehensive product testing.

In a half a year, the product was delivered to the market.

The level of skills and code quality, pro-activity when deciding on project and technical tasks as well as flexibility of the Rabota Source team made Rabota Source a Preferred R&D Service Provider and opened the door to the collaboration with other company’s departments.

Next Projects

Backup System Improvements

One of the strongest Rabota Source competence is driver development. After officially presenting its profile as a Preferred Provider, Rabota Source received a request from another of the company’s departments, to develop an advanced backup system for heterogeneous environments.

The assignment included file system drivers for the Linux and Windows platforms, and Rabota Source provided a dedicated two-developer team managed by a part-time project manager. The agreement was signed for one year with the an option for the second year. As usual, Rabota Source provided free QA work for this team as a bonus.

After a year and successfully meeting deadlines and estimates, the team received an additional assignment for several installation tasks and added one more developer to the team. The free QA work was proportionally increased.

Because of a number of technical nuances and the need for proper integration with other solution parts, Rabota Source also provided a part-time business analyst to facilitate communication within the joint team and manage documentation.

The contract with the Rabota Source team was prolonged for 2 more years.

Integrating Business SaaS Platform

Another department of the company got in touch with Apriorit regarding a set of tasks around their business SaaS platform. The solution delivered integrated services from a number of popular cloud providers. A Rabota Source team was assigned to expand the list of supported business services, including mobile application management and IaaS.

The dedicated team was formed of four developers and initially signed for a 10 month term. A free part-time QA specialist was also added to perform testing on the Rabota Source side.

After a couple of months of work, Rabota Source specialists performed a technical analysis of the market and made some suggestions about further integrations. The client’s team appreciated Rabota Source proactivity and accepted a lot of our recommendations. Since that time Rabota Source specialist continue to work on the road map with the project board.

Remote Access Solution

The next assignment came from the remote access solution department. Rabota Source is experienced in various redirection technologies and this accumulated knowledge became the reason of choosing the Rabota Source team.

A dedicated team was formed of three developers and one full-time QA specialist. The development team included a device driver developer and two C++ developers specializing in network communication. The initial agreement was signed for one year and subsequently prolonged for the next year.

Besides new features such as USB and media redirection, the Rabota Source team implemented a lot of performance optimizations for both the developed components and other general products. Once again, the proactivity of the Rabota Source team helped a lot in building road maps and optimizating plans.


The has client worked with Rabota Source for more than 6 years. The client’s representatives have made special mention of the considerable low-level programming skills of the Rabota Source team, because of thorough attention to the quality of the delivered code whether QA services are quoted or not, and proactive and flexible collaboration.