I have been hiring software developers for 20+ years in  large corporations to startups.  Unless you do your own recruiting, in order to find good talent, you need to use one of the thousands of headhunters or recruitment companies.  These companies do have a great set of talent but the recruiting fees run from 15-20% of the first years salary of the hired employee.  With the average software engineer receiving over $100,000 in the United States the cost to the recruiter can be over $20,000.

Of course, you get to interview the applicants, check references, etc. to hopefully ascertain that the individual is a fit.  However, you never really know until they start working for you how the employee will work out.  The following are a list of issues that may come up once an employee starts working for you:

  • Employee does not work well on your team
  • Employee does not have the skills you thought they had
  • Employee does not like your company or project
  • Employee is not committed to your company
  • Employee has something in his personal life that prevents him from working
  • Employee gets a better job offer

Either way you are out the recruiting fee.

Years ago, I hired a good engineer and paid $26,000 to a recruiter to find him.  After 6 months, the engineer got another offer and left us.  It was a devastating blow to my small company.  Not only for the money lost, but for the time and efforts training the individual.  Unfortunately, this is the way the market is in this very competitive environment we are in.

At Rabota Source we require no recruiting fees.  So there is no upfront risk.  Currently we have over 450 software professionals available for our customers.  Since Rabota Source owners live in the locations we outsource, we can quickly get new candidates for any position.  Just like traditional hiring processes, you get to interview available resources and pick the individuals you wish to hire.  If any issue arises and the employee is no longer desired all that is required, in some cases, is 2 weeks notice.  We will even find new resources for you to choose from at no cost.

So the question is, if you can get world class software talent at 50% the cost with no recruiting fees why would you ever pay those fees again?