Improvement and continuous development of CRM-like SaaS solution

A US-based business management solution vendor is delivering a specialized CRM-like SaaS solution for telecommunication providers. The company decided to make engineering processes more transparent and standardized while saving internal management efforts by contracting a dedicated managed team specializing in .NET and web development. Quick start, right expertise, and quality code provided by a Rabota Source team became the keys to the project success.

The Client

The Client is a US-based software company that specializes in delivering CRM-like business management solutions. Among the main company clients are many domestic telecommunication service providers, for whom they created a hosted, integrated CRM-like SaaS platform that unifies billing, POS, customer management, employee management, inventory control, scheduling, and many other features.

The Situation

The client used a combination of on-site developers and freelancers for the initial SaaS system development. There plans were to release a majorly reworked and enhanced new version for their customers. As the development scopes kept growing, managing such a team and adhering to the standards became increasingly difficult. As a result, the company decided to outsource SaaS software development to a single dedicated team.

Required expertise

For the SaaS software development, the client needed an established, experienced ASP.NET dedicated team that was able to seamlessly pick up development over an existing system and provide maintenance, as well as new feature development.

Required expertise included a solid knowledge and practical experience in using ASP.NET MVC tools, MS SQL, and JavaScript Frameworks. The team needed to be able to demonstrate a good understanding of cloud architectures, network infrastructure, and system control required for effective use of a SaaS deployment model.

The team also needed to be easy to work with and manage, capable of efficiently transforming business requirement to a finished CRM-like SaaS solution.

Rabota Source offer

Rabota Source was contacted due to a positive reference from an existing client. Our company was able to present the client with an offer that included:

Right expertise – Rabota Source has many experienced .NET developers and managed to offer a dedicated development team of people with the right knowledge and expertise that was required for the project.
Managed dedicated team – Our team is located in a single place and managed by Rabota Source project managers, organizing efficient development and requiring minimal efforts from the client’s side.
Efficient communication – We presented a single point of contact in a project manager that was able to effectively coordinate cooperation between our team and the Client. Rabota Source also included a business analyst for efficient requirement specification.
Quick start – Our team was able to start work in 3 weeks.

As a result, among all potential candidates, the client decided to choose Rabota Source


After the offer was accepted, Rabota Source managed to provide a dedicated SaaS application development team consisting of 7 developers, 2 QA specialists, 1 business analyst, and 1 project-manager. The team started to work in 3 weeks after the signing of an initial agreement.

It took some time for our team to fully meet the standards and requirements set by the Client. We had face-to-face meetings in our office after two months.

The team started with the existing system architecture and database structure review.

After that, an active phase of new feature implementation started. During this phase, our business analyst played a crucial role making all communications between business stakeholders and technology team efficient and formalizing requirements into tech specs. The Rabota Source team was temporary extended to 9 developers to organize efficient work flow.

During the work on the product, Rabota Source introduced a series of optimization recommendations, which after implementation resulted in average performance increase of up to 40 times.

Right from the project start, our Rabota Source team was also engaged in the existing platform version support and maintenance.

The Impact

More than two years of continued cooperation left the Client satisfied with the job performed by our team. Highlights of our work include:

Team produced a well-optimized high quality code
All project releases were delivered within budged
All projects were delivered on schedule or with minimal deviations
The Client notes the increased quality level of delivered solutions with minimal amount of reported bugs and customer issues
Team managed to efficiently develop new features the way Client wanted them

As a result, the Client continues to outsource SaaS application development to Rabota Source. Now our .NET dedicated team covers approximately 70% of all development efforts by the Client, including 100% of new feature development.

Rabota Source business analyst and project manager helped to significantly reduce the load on the client management and make development more effective, while our experienced developers managed to streamline SaaS engineering process and constantly produce results that the client was satisfied with.