enter site Enhanced enterprise security solutions, network and data security projects—our team handles these tasks and more with ease. The security specialists at Rabota Source have a long history of providing outstanding services for security vendors, and have utilized their considerable knowledge and experience to create the SDKs and ready technology for integration into your digital security program.

click Our specialists’ significant understanding of different systems’ structures, functions, and possible vulnerabilities make them the best people for any enterprise security system project, with each specialist offering a unique area of expertise. All team members are nevertheless well versed in SIEM, network security, all-level system monitoring, and data security technologies.

Digital Security Solutions

The digital security services we offer include:

System monitoring

Rely on us to create the software component that monitors your computer system’s performance. We’ll deal with all configuration, data access, and protocol issues in addition to performance.

Network Activity Monitoring

It’s our job to establish maximum network uptime, and we will provide your business with the software to make your job that much easier. The software we match you with will help with installation data, antivirus software update statuses, licensing compliance tasks, and so much more.

Email Security

Email security can’t be stressed enough, especially if you’re sending sensitive information over the Internet on a daily basis. We’ll provide cost-effective, cloud-based solutions to reduce onsite data footprints among other perks.

Web Traffic Monitoring

Need to track your site’s performance from locations around the world? Perform web page content checks? Are you looking for detailed reporting with service-level metrics and instant failure alert messages? Our team knows all the proverbial ins and outs of web monitoring and will make certain you get what you need.

Additional digital security solutions we specialize in include:

  • File activity monitoring
  • Registry monitoring
  • Process monitoring
  • Hidden/hooked process detection
  • User login and logout monitoring
  • Desktop video capture
  • System event monitoring
  • System sound capture
  • Silent monitoring/stealth technologies
  • Print management
  • Office and clipboard protection
  • Access management and device security
  • Chat and web security
  • Email database monitoring
  • Low-level bootloader technologies
  • Email live monitoring and filtering
  • Email attachment revision
  • Web traffic filtering
  • Chat monitoring
  • Skype monitoring
  • And more!

All of our enterprise security solutions have been tested over and over again to ensure optimal results. Our specialists use only the best possible practices to help you maintain a secure online presence. Specialists develop optimized interactions with the operating system via native code programming, driver and kernel level development, and understanding of data flows and network communications.

Our enterprise content management services make it possible to exercise much better control over all of your corporate content, which subsequently reduces overhead costs for data management and enhances overall efficiency. Talk to us today about your enterprise solution needs and allow us to come up with a comprehensive strategy that covers all the bases.

We’ve helped businesses ranging from startups to Fortune 500 companies. How can we help you today? Let’s find out together!

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