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order finasteride over the counter The Oracle Database was originally developed way back in 1977, and remains one of the most popular relational database engines. It’s arguably the Microsoft SQL Server’s biggest competitor in regard to the enterprise data market, and functions as a fully scalable relational database that’s frequently utilized by global companies. It features its own network component, which makes it easy to communicate across networks, and provides the foundation for plenty of database solutions.

Oracle Database and SQL Server are actually very similar, and Oracle runs on most major platforms, including Windows, Mac OS, and Linux. The database is one of numerous options in which we at Rabota Source specialize, allowing you to find the unique solution for your database needs.

Oracle Editions

Oracle Editions that we’re happy to help you choose from and develop include:

  • Enterprise Edition: The Enterprise Edition is hailed as the most “robust” Oracle option, and includes all of its features, as well as unparalleled performance and security.
  • Standard Edition: The Standard Edition functions as the “base” user version that has no need for the “robust” Enterprise package.
  • Enterprise Express: The free, “lightweight” Linux and Windows edition.
  • Oracle Lite: The mobile version of Oracle.

Sharing Resources

One of the many benefits of working with Oracle is that its structure makes it ideal for grid computing. This results in a more modular physical structure that our team can adjust or add to as needed without compromising database activity or affecting those who use it. The subsequent sharing of resources creates highly flexible data networks where capacity is easily adjusted in light of demand, without injuring the service.

Work With Us

From conceptualization to finalization, we ensure your software programming requirements are met. Our team of experts has created databases for everything under the yellow sun, and starts the development process only after thoroughly reviewing every aspect of your business goals. Rely on our team to craft the custom database solution that’s perfect for your needs.

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