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source MySQL is an open-source relational database management system that’s applicable to a variety of platforms, including Windows, UNIX, and Linux. The system is frequently used as a backend database for web applications, and is less expensive than Oracle and MS SQL.

At Rabota Source, we specialize in SQL database programming, which naturally includes PHP and MySQL programming. We provide affordable PHP/MySQL database programming options, allowing you to create the website you’ve been dreaming about without the added expense. Our team will create the online solution your website needs, whether it’s content management system development and integration, online applications, or other dynamic modules.

walmart price flonase Access to an online database makes it easy to track inventory, manage clients, schedule appointments, provide customers with their own accounts on your site, and so much more. Some of our PHP projects include:

  • File management
  • Custom blog application
  • Content management systems
  • Custom forms
  • RSS feeds
  • Customer management
  • Secured user login

MySQL-PHP Developmen

We love this combination! MySQL-PHP work together beautifully to create dynamic websites and applications that interact with website visitors. The addition of PHP and MySQL makes it possible to gather data from customers and use it effectively, and craft highly specific content at a mere moment’s notice. PHP as a language was designed to work in conjunction with HTML, and we’ll implement PHP within your existing HTML site or web application content. This results in a more functional, attractive HTML website.

MySQL Enterprise Development

MySQL is utilized in over 11 million installations, as well as specialized, embedded applications such as Facebook, Adobe, Google, and Alcatel Lucent. It offers consistency, scalability, reliability, fast performance, ease of use, and open source licensing among many other benefits. Our team of MySQL developers uses MySQL in most of our websites, web applications, and CMS web solutions such as Joomla and WordPress. We subsequently understand what it takes to compete in today’s market, and will solve any issues you have, or construct the customized website or application you need now.

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