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http://thewaysofk.com/2018/06/vocabulary-makeover-words-you-should-stop-saying/ SQL databases are celebrated as the most practical options for storing a significant number of records. The SQL Server is the “foundation” of Microsoft’s data platform, and offers a wide variety of applications. Microsoft has created numerous editions of SQL Server, including Enterprise and Azure, all of which provide their own features and target different audiences.

The SQL database team at Rabota Source will set up your SQL Server, design your databases, create a custom program allowing you to update your database without issue, and more. We make accessing and updating your database from a web application or specific computer effortless and will provide the optimal solution for your business needs.

Mainstream Editions

Some of the many mainstream MS SQL databases we develop for our clients include:

  • Enterprise: Enterprise is a core database engine that features add-on services and provides a range of tools for effective SQL Server cluster creation and management.
  • Standard: The Standard server includes the core database engine in addition to stand-alone services. It supports a smaller number of nodes in a cluster, and does not offer hot-add memory among other high-availability functions.
  • Business Intelligence: This server was launched in 2012 and features Standard Edition offerings as well as Business Intelligence tools such as Power View, PowerPivot, and Master Data Services.

Additional mainstream editions we work on include Express, Web, and Workgroup.

Specialized Editions

Specialized editions we work with regularly include:

  • Azure: The cloud-based version of Microsoft SQL Server.
  • Fast Track: Designed for business intelligence processing and enterprise-scale data warehousing storage.
  • Embedded (SSEE): A special version of Express accessible via specific Windows services only.

Other specialized editions we work with include Compact, Developer, Evaluation, and Local DB.

Count on our team to provide you with the reliable, cost-effective database programming you require. We build databases for every type of business, from the smallest startup to the largest corporation, and always consider all possible integrations your specific database needs.

Speak with one of our database consultants today to learn what we can do for you!

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