System Rollback Solution: Restore System Remotely Using Stable Disk Images

The Client required a software fault tolerance solution for specialized and universal Internet access points situated at public places like airports and malls. Our Rabota Source team came up with a product that builds stable system images and allows to be remotely managed.

Advanced Backup System

Integrate new features like database, locked file processing, VSS and various data type restoration into a successful backup system with a plugin architecture.

Work with Locked Files for Backup Systems

Exclusively locked, currently opened and edited files can be a problem for backup system. Such objects like email or client databases can stay locked for days, while all introduced changes still need to be backed up. Our Rabota Source team developed a smart solution for accessing such files and saving progressive edits.

Stages of Power Management Transition in Windows 7

Manage system at power state transition: force it to the Sleep state and hook at hardware abstraction level “at the last moment”!

Desktop Solution for Mobile Device Data Synchronization

Project required significant amount of Reverse Engineering for the closed and legacy mobile data formats. Rabota Source provided an all-in-one team where Research closely interacted with Development and was supported by professional QA with well-equipped lab of all kinds of devices.

Kernel-level File System Filtering

Get IP and other SMB session parameters in kernel mode file system filter driver!

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