Stages of Power Management Transition in Windows 7

Manage system at power state transition: force it to the Sleep state and hook at hardware abstraction level “at the last moment”!

Desktop Solution for Mobile Device Data Synchronization

Project required significant amount of Reverse Engineering for the closed and legacy mobile data formats. Rabota Source provided an all-in-one team where Research closely interacted with Development and was supported by professional QA with well-equipped lab of all kinds of devices.

Kernel-level File System Filtering

Get IP and other SMB session parameters in kernel mode file system filter driver!

Create Network Bridges for Windows 8 Programmatically

Be independent from OS updates – get your functionality supported using internal Windows APIs within weeks!

Multiagent Corporate Security Monitoring System

Our team worked on the development of a corporate network monitoring product base on a remote computer investigation solution, developed previously. Many processes were optimized, security improved, centralization features introduced.

Virtualization for Mobile Devices: Runtime Switching between Virtual OS Instances

Combined project team of Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute and Rabota Source specialists worked on a solution to satisfy security-BYOD needs of corporate customers. Business and personal environment isolation approach was introduced and implemented using OS virtualization techniques.

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