Fixed Price Model to Evaluate the Partner Reliability

Ambitious development strategy forced the Client to search for additional R&D resource pool with some specific experience in digital security projects. A series of Pilot projects delivered by fixed price model was a perfect option to evaluate Rabota Source as a potential partner, to proceed then to the dedicated scheme with minimal risks for both sides.

File Redirection for Restricted Processes

Ensure that restricted processes, like MS Word sub-processes or Internet Explorer, will have access permissions for redirected data!

Skype Monitoring with Low-level Hooks of internal APIs

Reverse engineer a highly-protected application and analyze its core logic to produce a hook solution that survived 2 years of regular application updates!

Device Firmware Reversing to Obtain the Screen Mirroring Protocol

Extend your device compatibility list and provide advanced features – having exact device functioning description!ides.

Dropbox Client Research: Get Code, Emulate MiM Attack – to Protect Sensitive Data

Binary files of Dropbox Client discovered to be compiled and obfuscated Python files – not a big problem for Rabota Source Research Department. Use legal Reverse Engineering when you need the 3rd-party application compatibility!

Clipboard, Processes, and Temporary File Protection SDK for DLP Product

The Client decided to engage Rabota Source expert knowledge for the next product version. Several advanced features were introduced: self-protection modules, universal clipboard protection, multilevel file encryption, etc.

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