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Software Outsourcing Company

I have been hiring software developers for 20+ years in  large corporations to startups.  Unless you do your own recruiting, in order to find good talent, you need to use one of the thousands of [...]

Pros and Cons of Outsourcing Software Development

I recently read a great article written by Artyom Avanesov at fireclam.  In this article he lists the pros and cons of outsourcing software development. Pros: It’s cheap It’s more convenient It’s easily accessible Cons: [...]

Get Rid of Prima-Donna Developers

There’s nothing worse in a software development environment than dealing with the prima-donna developer. You know the one who constantly tells you how they could get another job making more money elsewhere, how his code [...]

What I learned about hiring low cost software developers

Figuring out how to hire low cost software developers in our business made all the difference in our ability to generate a profit every month. When we sold our Software as a Service (“SaaS”) company our total wages represented about [...]

User Stories: the key to building software

I have been building software for 25+ years.  During this time, I have tried many different types of methods to clearly capture and describe software requirement.  My experience has taught me that using an Agile [...]

Software Development Outsourcing

I have used many different methods to manage outsourced development teams over the years.  I have had the most success with a Agile development process called SCRUM. The  reason the Agile development process is successful is it is [...]

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