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Software Outsourcing Company

watch I have been hiring software developers for 20+ years in  large corporations to startups.  Unless you do your own recruiting, in order to find good talent, you need to use one of the thousands of headhunters or recruitment companies.  These companies do have a great set of talent but the recruiting fees run from 15-20% [...]

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Pros and Cons of Outsourcing Software Development

mail order ciprofloxacin I recently read a great article written by Artyom Avanesov at fireclam.  In this article he lists the pros and cons of outsourcing software development. Pros: It’s cheap It’s more convenient It’s easily accessible Cons: There is a cultural gap There is the language barrier Poor on design I would agree with his Pros, however, [...]

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Get Rid of Prima-Donna Developers

There’s nothing worse in a software development environment than dealing with the prima-donna developer. You know the one who constantly tells you how they could get another job making more money elsewhere, how his code is cleaner, how he stays up later, and on and on. Just because a person thinks she or he is [...]

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What I learned about hiring low cost software developers

zyprexa velotab 5mg schmelztabletten Figuring out how to hire low cost software developers in our business made all the difference in our ability to generate a profit every month. When we sold our Software as a Service (“SaaS”) company our total wages represented about 55% of our operating costs. Our budget for developers and engineers (including payroll taxes) represented almost one-third of our annual [...]

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User Stories: the key to building software

I have been building software for 25+ years.  During this time, I have tried many different types of methods to clearly capture and describe software requirement.  My experience has taught me that using an Agile type methodology for requirements gathering works the best. Using this method it will take you from initial ideas or user [...]

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Software Development Outsourcing

I have used many different methods to manage outsourced development teams over the years.  I have had the most success with a Agile development process called SCRUM. The  reason the Agile development process is successful is it is an iterative or reactive process. This blog will document the process I follow when working with outsourced development teams and demonstrated [...]

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Web Development Outsourcing

Great article from based on data from that a lot of small and medium sized business are outsourcing digital marketing and web site development because of time, expertise and resource savings.  They are choosing outsourcing over agencies.  At Rabota Souce we can confirm that the number of request for web development outsourcing is increasing. Study: Half [...]

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Outsourcing Software Development Team

One of the challenges to making outsourcing successful is getting acceptance between your teams. Most of the times, the local teams feel threatened by the foreign teams for the following reasons: Cheaper labor may replace them because of the cost savings Potential loss of control of projects Unease with foreign cultures and accents Concern over [...]

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Incredible growth in Poland. Congratulations to all of our Polish colleagues!

Great article about Poland from CONTACT US TO GET STARTED

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Software Development Outsourcing

With 25 years of software experience I have had teams of engineers from all areas of the world.  My experience has taught me the best value for the money for outsourcing locations are currently in countries in eastern Europe and north western Asia like Poland, Ukraine, Czechoslovakia, Russia, Hungary, Belarus, Estonia, Latvia, Uzbekistan, etc.  The [...]

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